Classified in the world heritage of Unesco, it is located between Trinidad and sancta Spiritus. 40 kilometers of haciendas, castles, salve’ houses and approximately 75 sugar refineries in ruins.

Additionally to this incredible landscape, this valley is full of history. Ingenios means « sugar refinery ». This is here that they worked in the 19th century, and where more than 11 000 slaves worked in.

From the Manaca Iznaca tour (a 45 meters high tour), built in 1816 and where slaves were supervised in the sugar cane fields, you can today enjoy of a beautiful panorama on the Escambray massif.

How to get in ?

From Trinidad, take the touristic tren. Over 15 kilometers, you will discover beautiful landscapes, and can stop at Iznaca to climb in the top of the Manaca Iznaca tour.

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