To not be confused with the Cuban salsa, which has common roots (the cuban son), but these are 2 different styles.

The origin of the timba is in the clave, but of tones of everywhere in the world have been added (rock, jazz, hip hop). Mixing Cuban music with modern music, this is with Los Van Van that this trend started.

In Cuban argot, Timba mean « new », and Temba means « old ». One of the roots of this style is the sono rhythm, created by the percussionist José Luís Quintana (« Changuito »), upon request of Juan Formell de Los Van Van (the most Cuban popular group created in 1969).

A lot of Timba groups keep the traditional charanga ensemble of the 40’s, which includes the bass, congas, claves, piano, violin, flute, but modernized with a drums, a synthesizer, sometimes an electric guitare, and a brass section (trombone and trumpet).

Do we listen some timba song ?

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